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About ASEA

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The African Securities Exchanges Association is the Premier Association of 27 Securities Exchanges in Africa, that have come together with the aim of developing Member Exchanges and providing a platform for networking.

The Association was established in 1993, and works closely with Member Exchanges to unlock the potential of the African Capital Markets and the African economies in the following ways:-

  1. Enhancing the visibility of ASEA members at the international level with a view to attract capital inflows to African Capital Markets
  2. Providing an authoritative information portal on African public markets and provide aggregated statistics and information on African Exchanges
  3. Being a powerful lobbying and advocacy voice for Member Exchanges
  4. Promoting market development among Member Exchanges
  5. Promoting Capacity Building and Training for Member Exchanges
  6. Initiating Strategic Alliances on behalf of Member Exchanges

ASEA seeks to position the African Capital Markets as key enablers of economic recovery in Africa by the year 2025.



To enable African Securities Exchanges to become key significant drivers of the economic and societal transformation of Africa by the year 2025.


  1. To provide a forum for mutual communication, exchange of information, cooperation and technical assistance among its Members.
  2. To facilitate the process of financial integration within the region for the effective mobilization of capital in order to accelerate economic development in Africa. 

Our Constitution

Refer to the articles of association.

President's Corner

  • Responsibilities of the President
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Speeches
  1. Présider toutes les réunions au niveau exécutif de l'Association.
  2. Représenter l'Association lors de forums et d'engagements de haut niveau.
  3. Superviser le travail des comités et des groupes de travail de l'Association.
  4. Avec le soutien du Comité exécutif et du Secrétariat, superviser les opérations et les initiatives de l'Association conformément à la vision, à la mission et aux objectifs stratégiques.
  5. Collaborer avec les membres du Comité exécutif, dans la prise de décision efficacement et en temps opportun.
  6. En tant que membre d'office, faire partie de tous les comités de l'Association.
  7. Avoir un second vote ou une voix prépondérante en cas d'égalité des voix lors de l'Assemblée générale annuelle de l'Association.
  1. Renforcer la gouvernance, le cadre de financier et des rapports de l'Association.
  2. Promouvoir le développement durable des marchés financiers africains.
  3. Faciliter une augmentation de l'accès aux marchés au niveau régional et promouvoir les liens entre les bourses africaines.
  4. Analyse comparative des meilleures pratiques à l’échelle mondiale.

Our Tweets

  • CISI
  • FTSE ASIA Pan Africa Index Series

FTSE-ASEA Index Series

The FTSE ASEA Pan Africa Index Series represents the performance of eligible securities listed on ASEA (African Securities Exchanges Association) member exchanges. The index series was designed after extensive market consultation to meet the needs of African market participants, and it is suitable for benchmarking purposes and as tool to be used in the creation of index-linked funds and other investment products.

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